Tooth Extractions

Quick and Comfortable Tooth Removal in Sacramento, CA

Tooth Extractions, Oral Surgery in Sacramento, CA - Jin Kim, DMDPulling a tooth is never our first choice at Jin Kim, DMD. However, sometimes a tooth just has to go for the sake of your health and comfort. A tooth that is suffering from severe infection, decay, or trauma may be too damaged to remain in place. In these cases, Dr. Kim provides skillful extractions.

Once your damaged tooth has been removed, we will provide you with comprehensive home care instructions. Also, we are always happy to talk with you about teeth replacement options so that you are not left with an incomplete smile.

If you have a persistent toothache, any other sort of severe oral pain, or notice abscesses in your mouth, please let us know at (916) 481-3234 right away. We are waiting to help.