Six Month Smiles

Short-Term Orthodontics for Adults in Carmichael Sacramento, CA

Six Month Smiles in Carmichael Sacramento, CA - Jin Kim, DMDNo one likes the idea of having to wear traditional metal braces, especially when you’re an adult. Yet, braces are often the most effective orthodontic treatment for correcting bite alignment issues as well as straightening teeth. Fortunately, there is now a happy compromise available between effective correction and convenience.

Six Month Smiles is a braces system combined with aligners for adults that emphasizes discretion and brief treatment times. The system works like traditional braces but with transparent brackets and tooth-colored wires that are unobtrusive. Additionally, the treatment time averages just six months as opposed to a year or longer with traditional braces.

This short treatment time also keeps the cost of your treatment down. With Six Month Smiles, you are likely to pay less than you would for traditional metal braces or aligners.

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