Root Canal Therapy

Endodontic Treatment in Carmichael Sacramento, CA

Root Canal Treatment in Carmichael Sacramento, CA - Jin Kim, DMDDr. Kim performs a root canal treatment to treat and preserve infected teeth. While no one wants to have root canal therapy, when a tooth is severely infected, this procedure can quickly help resolve your toothache and prevent the infection from spreading.

During a root canal treatment, Dr. Kim removes the inner tissue from the affected tooth and cleans the infected canal. Doing this puts an end to your pain and allows you to avoid having the tooth pulled. Once your root canal therapy is complete, Dr. Kim will add a crown to the tooth for protection and an attractive appearance.

Dr. Kim always makes every effort to keep you completely comfortable during root canal therapy. Many patients find the procedure to be pain-free and are grateful that their toothache is remedied.

Without a root canal treatment, it is possible you could lose your tooth or that the infection could harm your oral or overall health. If you have any signs of a dental infection, including pain, swelling, abscess, or pus in your mouth, please contact Jin Kim, DMD at (916) 481-3234 right away.